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Choose from the following vetted
organizations to donate:


Many employers, including Corning Incorporated are matching donations to some of these organizations. Corning Inc. employees, are encouraged to visit the Corning Foundation Portal to make their donation go twice as far! Select Sister Cities Association of Corning, NY as your designation or navigate to the Ukraine Relief section of the web portal.

A Message on Ukraine

What is Corning's connection with Ukraine?

Corning's relationship with Lviv, Ukraine began as a cultural, business, and educational exchange through the local government after Corning Inc. built a light bulb factory there over 30 years ago. Over the years, the Sister Cities Association of Corning, NY has sent students, musicians, educators, and business people visit between the Southern Tier of New York (Corning, Elmira, and Binghamton) and Lviv, Ukraine. The goal is to learn about each others culture, and as citizens of each country, to promote peace between our countries. We have hosted visitors from Ukraine, and sent locals to visit as well! In just 2019, local Horseheads travelers visited their friends and leaders in Lviv, Ukraine.


Each visit, we are amazed by the hospitality and generosity of the Ukrainian heart. But the lives of our friends have changed forever and now rely on the generosity of our hearts.

What is the impact on the of people Lviv, Ukraine?

The ongoing conflict has forced many people to leave their homes in eastern Ukraine to western cities like Lviv, situated near the Polish border. Supplies are tight as mass numbers of women, children, and the elderly flee for safety. Lviv residents are racing to evacuate strangers and loved ones — and preparing to fight. The war has been moving more westerly, targeting Lviv, as it is one of the areas near the Poland border where relief and foreign aid is being funneled and troops being trained.


One Lviv resident told a reporter that he is hosting loved ones of strangers and friends who are fleeing toward Poland. Amid the Russian troops' advance on the Ukrainian capital, another resident sent his girlfriend from Kyiv to Lviv, a stopover before she can continue her journey toward Poland.

How does the Russia-Ukraine conflict affect my community?

Beyond increased prices for food and gas, locals in the Corning area have shared their stories:

Where will my donation go if made out to the Sister Cities Association of Corning, NY or Lviv Committee?

All donations made to the Sister Cities Lviv committee will be collected and dispersed at the discretion of the committee, likely to aid Lviv directly. With the ongoing violence, it is difficult for our small committee to send these funds directly to our connections in Lviv without the risk of being hacked, or ATMs likely being empty. However, we have selected vetted organization who are able to help right now! Go to the top of this page and select the organization of your choice.

​We hope these funds can help play a small part in helping Lviv, supporting our friends, family, and those fighting for the freedom of their sovereign nation!


I'm a Corning Inc. Employee. How do I match my donation?
If you are a Corning Incorporated employee, please consider submitting a matching donation through the Corning Foundation. The Sister Cities Association of Corning, NY is listed as a Non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. If you select an organization within Corning Foundation portal, they will MATCH your donation.


How can I volunteer?

Message us on our website or send us an email at We are seeking new Lviv Committee Members help us fundraise, build awareness, and hold events locally. Join us!!


Please also consider joining our peace rally:

Centerway Square in Corning, NY

March 19, 2022

1:00 p.m. Eastern Time


We will be hearing from Mayor Boland and other community members in solidarity with Ukraine. Peaceful signs and flags are encouraged.

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