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2021 President's Message

Greetings Everyone,

2020 was a challenging year for everyone including the Corning Sister Cities groups.


Corning San Giovanni students and chaperones were able to complete their travels to Italy in February just as the pandemic was beginning in the United States.

The Annual Sister Cities meeting in March was postponed and all committee meetings, functions and fund raisers for the remainder of the year were cancelled.

Kakegawa students from Japan to Corning postponed their August trip. Stopped international travel also interrupted the plans of a group of officials coming from L’viv, Ukraine to visit Corning.


Each organization has kept in touch with our respective Sister Cities groups abroad during 2020 using Zoom, emails, WhatsApp and letters. We will continue to do this during 2021 until some sense of normalcy will return to our daily lives.We hope that COVID-19 numbers will being to lessen as the new year brings the availability of the vaccines to everyone.

It is time to begin our Sister City Membership Renewals for 2021. If you are able, we encourage you to use the links provided to renew online.


We continue to extend friendship, hospitality and understanding among different cultures through our Corning Sister Cities Association.


​Rose Ann Ewanyk
Sister Cities Association President

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